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Thanks a lot for visiting my professional website. This website is about Talent Scouting, Human Resource Management, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Organizational Development, Change Management, Digital Transformation, Psychology, and Neuropsychology. Regional Asia Pacific/Europe, Europe & Global. If you click on my Linkedin profile, you’ll see that I’ve been doing what I do for a relatively long time, but I still have much to learn. Most things are still undone. Wonderful Future! Along the way, I’ve balanced various roles within leadership, talent management, and human management. I’m lucky to be in many projects and initiatives around the world. There’s a consistent mission in all of this: “to shape a better day with more fun, and a richer life’s conception of the full amount of humanity.” I trust you’ll find something to interest you here. Kindly feel free to come back often, the site is updated on a daily basis. It’s a magnificent idea to be connected on Twitter, so click and connect!



You will find articles on this website made by me or by friends and colleagues who share their beliefs. If an extern article has been changed, or an existing article sounds like it’s not following my neutrality beliefs, and we see the article on our website, we will take down this article the same second we know this.

I kindly ask you to let us know if some of our articles offend you or you feel that the point of view is not following our neutrality idea. I do feel respect for “the freedom of speech”, but we also believe in showing respect for other people.


Proactive Human Resources Generalist with 21 years of international HR management development and Change Management in technical and behavioral perspective and Digital HR Transformation perspective. Regional and Global HR transformations, strategy, implementation of HR software. Innovation and efficiency Leadership Development & Hands-on coaching, individual and teams, all levels. 21 years of Psychology & HR management studies. Exemplary strengths: Leading change and shaping human resource results. I am passionate about HR and pride myself on my integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, and sincerity. I approach each day with positive energy, determination, and humor.


Human Resource Development & Management;
Talent Development & Management, Learning & Development;
Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, Assessment & Selection;
Attitude, Behavioural and Aptitude Interviewing;
Organizational development, Organization design & planning;
Change Management. Reward & Recognition systems;
Management Audit, HR transformation;
Human Resources Information System;
Employee Relation, Engagement, Retention, Surveys, Handbooks.


Evaluate Robotics Automatic Functions (RAF) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its security part and the potential impact in the work roles, including defining the robots we do see on the market, and define what kind of robot we talk about;
Improve the way we look at people data;
Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience;
Meet demands related to; “People Analytics Entering Organization Structures”;
Shaped a strategic developing plan with a focus on engaging senior management in the development;
Continuous focus on to attract talent in emerging and rapid growth geographies continues and shape an even better induction to the job;
Hold an even more robust focus on candidates who have worked internationally;
Define ahead of time the value that is expected using qualitative as well as quantitative factors;
Focus on the gap between a leader’s talents and the job requirements. Identify gaps in competencies/skills and behavior via HR Business Partners.


I believe that all people have the same rights and have the same values as everyone else on this earth. It is, therefore, neither qualifying nor disqualifying to be related to a special group or to have a particular interest. I do not judge people by age, family status, race, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, ethnic origin, health information or sexual orientation, of any kind. I am neutral.