Do Human Resource support the business needs well enough?

We must wipe the slate clean as to how Human Resource Management works and start focusing on the company’s needs.

  • Why work with a 4-6 month recruitment process, if you can create a work process where HR finds 3 suitable candidates within 7 days that you can chose from?
  • Why work with 5-6 years performance development processes, if it turns out the employee is only here for 1,5-3 years?
  • Why do we not promote mostly from the inside? Why not? – Perhaps because the leaders are not sure, they choose the right to stay? How do you select, do you select in the right way or on assumptions?
  • Why accept that employees leave us faster and faster? Why not shift the focus, so we can keep them? Or, is it because we don’t know what inspires and motivates him or her? Why do the employee leave, if the employee already has the best spot? And what do the employee see as the best spot? Can we shape the right working life?

Indeed, there are solutions to it all and more.


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