At least one American climber is among the 10 or more dead after an avalanche caused by an earthquake on Mount Everest. Google engineer Dan Fredinburg, who was on Everest as part of the Jagged Globe team, died as a result of head injuries sustained in the avalanche, according to Fredinburg’s sister. She posted the news on Instagram on Saturday afternoon along with a picture of her brother on his account.

Source: Google engineer Dan Fredinburg among the more than 10 dead in Everest avalanche, family confirms – The Washington Post

PwC recently released its 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, which interviewed 71 New Zealand CEOs amongst its global participants.Confidences and concernsOf the New Zealand based CEOs surveyed, 88% said they felt confident in their company’s growth prospects this year.However, the report found that 84% of CEOs were concerned about the availability of key skills in New Zealand.

Source: Global CEO survey highlights New Zealand’s HR strengths – and weaknesses

Every organisation should champion diversity but L’Oréal Canada is going one step further by actively instilling those same values in employees’ kids – here’s how.The company’s subsidised day care centre was launched in 2002 but it’s more than just an employee perk – in an effort to educate children on diversity, the on-site centre reserves a percentage of places for disadvantaged children of non-employees.

Source: Day-care and diversity: L’Oréal’s latest perk for working parents