Why are older Danish women so happy?

Danish women explain why ageing in a country that looks after its citizens is ‘like one long really fun holiday’ Enjoying the good times: retired professor Jette Eiberg, left, and Jane Holm, a former administrator. ‘Can’t talk now – island hopping”, “playing golf, call me back” and, “sorry, she’s somewhere in France …” are just three of the responses proffered when trying to track down that most elusive of creatures: a female retiree in Denmark with time on her hands. For anyone fortunate enough to catch one between evening classes, museum visits, round-the-world trips, bike rides, hikes, wild swimming or 18 holes on the golf course, it’s important to talk fast and glean all you can from them before their next engagement. Because these ladies are busy.

Source: Why are older Danish women so happy? | World news | The Guardian

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