If you’re looking to improve performance and productivity within your organisation, then you may want to focus on boosting your employee engagement.Your employee’s satisfaction within their job has a large impact on their performance at work and by creating a level of mutual respect between employer and staff, this can result in improved commitment and loyalty within the organisation and in turn a grown sense of enthusiasm for work .

Source: 5 Key Elements to Mastering Employee Engagement

Ouch. Did you hear that slamming sound? That was me, hitting a wall. A creative wall.  I didn’t just stub my toe on writer’s block. Or knock my knees against a little stone wall. No, this wall is eight feet high and three feet thick. (Approximately.) It’s been years in the building. While I’m thrilled and proud of my accomplishments over the past few years, three books, innumerable blog posts on this and other websites, and articles in print publications, all this output has drained the creative well dr

Source: When an Introvert’s Brain Stops Producing | Psychology Today

In the U.S. the National Security Agency is trying to improve its hiring and retention as the workforce ages, recruiting becomes more complex, and senior leaders want to look instantaneously at dashboards showing what’s up with their workforce.That’s what Kathy Hutson, director of human resources, and Nick Vasilopoulos, chief of personnel assessment research and development, talk about in a new radio interview.

Source: The National Security Agency Wants to Increase Its Use of Data … in Hiring – ERE.net

The amount of data and insights we now have access to is truly astounding. Ninety per cent of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years, with a significant proportion of that information being created, transmitted and stored via social media networks. The latest example of the benefits of that data and connectivity is a research paper published by MIT which shows that of workplace ideas submitted by employees, ideas that came from Twitter users were rated significantly more positively by other employees and experts than the ideas of non-users.

Source: Twitter Users Come Up with Better, More Innovative Ideas – Report | Social Media Today

Macau has seized global attention for its huge integrated resorts in the reclaimed Cotai area, but it is also known for its history as a Portuguese enclave in China from 1557 to 1999, a period that has left behind graceful architecture and cobblestone lanes. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular, one route that never gets old is exploring the Historic Centre of Macau.

Source: Step out and discover Macau | South China Morning Post