HR teams are being asked to do their jobs in a very different organizational environment and do them more quickly than before The world’s biggest firms are bigger than they’ve ever been, and run by more decentralized decision-making. Their employees work in more countries than before, often do jobs that are more specialized, must collaborate with each other more than they did five years ago to complete the same task (launch an updated version of a product, say), and – given they work in more dispersed, less centralized and hierarchical structures – must compete harder for promotion opportunities too.

Source: 4 Ways HR Can Help to Hire and Retain Employees in 2016 | TLNT

Imagine the last time you were happy and content at work. Hopefully it’s not once in a year type of thing, but let’s imagine it was two days ago when you finally finished a long-lasting project that had been keeping you up all night.Now imagine the feeling and motivation this happiness gave you. At that particular moment, it probably felt like you could conquer any challenge and had the motivation to move mountains. Most probably, your productivity was at its peak. No wonder; a happy employee is also a productive employee.

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Hudson Global has announced its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30th 2015, confirming it is narrowing its profit loss.On a retained basis, excluding the Americas IT and the Netherlands businesses which were sold during the second quarter of 2015, revenue of $110.0m declined 14% in reported currency but increased 0.4% in constant currency from the prior year period. On a reported basis, revenue declined 26.3% or 14.7%t in constant currency. On a retained** basis, excluding the Americas IT and the Netherlands businesses, gross margin of $45.1 million declined 10.3 percent in reported currency but increased 3.1 percent in constant currency from the prior year period. On a reported basis, gross margin declined 18.9 percent or 7.2 percent in constant currency.

Source: Hudson Global climbs closer to profitability in Q3

Given how much time and money has been spent on employee engagement — and how little has been shown for it — it’s clear that most employers are not doing enough of the right things  and/or, they are doing enough WRONG things to counteract  their positive efforts.If we hope to see results from our employee engagement efforts, we need to focus on the basics. We need to ask ourselves if we are violating basic fundamental principles of human nature and how it influences engagement.Implementing engagement programs without addressing these foundational flaws is like painting a rusted car. You can buy the most beautiful, expensive paint but … it will never stick.

Source: 15 Employee Engagement Truths Employers Ignore at Their Own Peril | TLNT