A third of UK employees plan to resign in 2016

A majority of staff cited that they would leave their current job for better job prospects and progression, a new survey finds.Employees in the UK may not be in favour of their current job.A survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), as cited by an online article from Fresh Business Thinking, revealed that one third of these workers plan to leave their jobs this year.Most staff believed that they would want to resign because of poor future prospects and a lack of progression. Other reasons also include a lack of opportunity (26%) and more appreciation (17%).Furthermore, a quarter of them cited that there is nothing their current company can do to keep them from leaving. Another 27% said that even their company’s offer would not stop them.In fact, in 2015, 34% of employees left their jobs without having a new role to go to.

Source: A third of UK employees plan to resign in 2016 | hrmasia


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