Fostering face-to-face in a digital world

The impact of Big Data analytics and strategy on the modern business world is as profound as it is pervasive.From increased insight into customer bases and a better understanding of the real-time costs and benefits of specific programs, to quantitative metrics measuring workforce productivity, data sets and their ready accessibility can help C-suite executives both manage day-today operations and shape their longer term strategic and tactical planning.The advantages of leveraging data derived insights extend beyond the industries for which one would predict it to be most useful – and executive search is no exception. Specialized recruitment firms have adapted well to this revolution and now embrace data as an integral part of their work. Using access to public and private databases, social media sites and other online resources, consultants can often gain insights on prospective candidates and clients – and the probability of their success post-placement – well before any informal or formal contact is made.

Source: Kilpatrick | Fostering face-to-face in a digital world


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