Brain Cells Synchronize to Track Order of Events

New research reveals that brain neurons function in a coordinated manner so as to remember events in the order they occur. New York University scientists explain that the brain collaboration is akin to a symphony. Researchers believe the findings offer new insights into how we recall information and point to factors that may disrupt certain types of memories. “The findings enhance our understanding of how the brain keeps track of what happened and when it happened relative to other events,” said Dr. Lila Davachi, associate professor in New York University’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science and the study’s senior author. “We’ve known for some time that neurons increase their activity when we encode memories. What our study shows is there’s a rhythm to how they fire in relation to one another, much like different instruments in a symphony orchestra.” The study’s first author was Andrew Heusser, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology with collaborators

Source: Brain Cells Synchronize to Track Order of Events | Psych Central News

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