Employees lament lack of feedback channels

Most organisations are not in tune with their employees.

A new survey by cloud-based talent management platform Saba, indicated that a large number of companies do not have continuous channels for engagement and feedback because the majority of respondents said they are rarely asked for their feedback – less than a few times a year.

More than half of HR leaders (51%) and employees (52%) also said their organisations do not have a good employee feedback process.

Overall, 61% of female employees indicated they were rarely asked for feedback, versus 56% of male employees.

The study found that the lack of clear and consistent feedback channels has led to a gap in perception of the importance of training and development between employers and employees.

Only 22% of employees believe their organisations are very effective in providing easy access to training and development, and that their organisations provide training and development that help in career advancement.

“Organisations need to focus on the critical role continuous development plays in employee engagement and retention. They also need to find new ways to improve effectiveness of talent programmes through more frequent and consistent feedback channels,” said Theresa Damato, VP of Global Marketing at Saba.

Source: Employees lament lack of feedback channels | hrmasia

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