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Startup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game

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The Human OSBiomedicalBionicsStartup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR GameBy Eliza StricklandPosted 7 Aug 2017 | 13:10 GMT Photo: NeurableImagine putting on a VR headset, seeing the virtual world take shape around you, and then navigating through that world without waving any controllers around—instead steering with your thoughts alone.That’s the new gaming experience offered by the startup Neurable, which unveiled the world’s first mind-controlled VR game at the SIGGRAPH conference this week. In the Q&A below, Neurable CEO Ramses Alcaide tells IEEE Spectrum why he believes thought-controlled interfaces will make virtual reality a ubiquitous technology.Neurable isn’t a gaming company; the Boston-based startup works on the brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) required for mind control. The most common type of BCI uses scalp electrodes to record electrical signals in the brain, then use software to translate those signals into commands for external devices like computer cursors, robotic limbs, and even air sharks. Neurable designs that crucial BCI software.

Source: Startup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game – IEEE Spectrum

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