Hackers able to make ATMs spit cash like winning slot machines are now operating inside the United States, marking the arrival of “jackpotting” attacks after widespread heists in Europe and Asia, according to the world’s largest ATM makers and security news website, Krebs on Security. Thieves have used skimming devices on ATM machines to steal debit card information, but “jackpotting” augurs more sophisticated technological challenges that American financial firms will face in coming years. “This is the f

Source: Jackpotting: Secret Service warns ATM scheme has hit U.S., report says – The Washington Post

STOCKHOLM (AP) — IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, who turned a small-scale mail order business started on his family’s farm into a furniture empire by letting customers piece together his simple and inexpensive furniture themselves, has died at age 91. Kamprad died on Saturday at his home in Smaland, in southern Sweden, the chain’s Swedish unit, IKEA Sverige, said on Twitter on Sunday. He died peacefully following a short illness, it said. “He will be much missed and warmly remembered by his family and IKEA s

Source: Ingvar Kamprad, Who Founded Furniture Giant IKEA, Dies at 91 | Business News | US News