We have all heard the dire predictions about robots coming to steal our jobs. Some would even have us believe these silicon bogeymen are coming to kill us. It plays straight into people’s darkest fears about technology. When futurists talk about things that haven’t happened yet, they are free to parade educated guesses as fact. But before we take their word for it, we might remember the old adage:

Source: Why we need to stop worrying about our role in a robotic future | World Economic Forum


“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” goes the line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But four centuries after the play was written, the analysis couldn’t be less accurate. According to the OECD Better Life report, Danes have a better work-life balance than any other country surveyed. Only 2% of employees regularly work very long hours, which isn’t much when you compare it with the OECD average of 13%. Instead, they spend around two-thirds of their day (16 hours) eating, sleeping and indulging in leisurely

Source: Denmark has the best work-life balance. Here’s why | World Economic Forum


Datatilsynet har lagt en skabelon til en databehandleraftale på sin hjemmeside.

 En databehandleraftale er en aftale, som en dataansvarlig og en databehandler skal indgå, når databehandleren behandler personoplysninger på den dataansvarliges vegne og efter instruks fra den dataansvarlige. Et eksempel er, når en virksomhed eller en myndighed vælger at bruge en ekstern leverandør til at behandle personoplysninger om medarbejdere, fx et lønbureau.

Datatilsynet har nu udarbejdet og offentliggjort en ”standard-databehandleraftale”, som overholder forordningens minimumskrav, og som virksomheder kan benytte som skabelon eller som en tjekliste.

Source: Datatilsynets skabelon til databehandleraftale | NorrbomVinding