“Finally I can see my sims fuck in first person.” We were all thinking it, but this Twitter user said it. 
In a recent Twitch livestream, EA announced that the ever-evolving world of Sims would be getting a first-person video mode in The Sims 4. Exciting, right? 
You can watch your Sims do dishes, surf the web, meet neighbors, play with animals, brush their tee—just kidding, it is obviously time to bone. 
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EA packaged the update (which is accompanied by a number of other features) as innocently as ever. But in a game practically made famous by sexy dollhouse vibes, they had to have seen this coming.  Read more…More about Entertainment, Update, Ea Games, First Person View, and Sims
Author: mashable.com/science
Date/time: 10th November 2018, 09:01

Hackers able to make ATMs spit cash like winning slot machines are now operating inside the United States, marking the arrival of “jackpotting” attacks after widespread heists in Europe and Asia, according to the world’s largest ATM makers and security news website, Krebs on Security. Thieves have used skimming devices on ATM machines to steal debit card information, but “jackpotting” augurs more sophisticated technological challenges that American financial firms will face in coming years. “This is the f

Source: Jackpotting: Secret Service warns ATM scheme has hit U.S., report says – The Washington Post