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Britain’s Prince Charles to visit Singapore on Southeast Asia tour

LONDON: Britain’s Prince Charles will visit Singapore during a tour of Southeast Asia later this month, but the heir to the throne will not visit Myanmar despite earlier media reports suggesting that an official visit was being planned. Royal aides acknowledged that Myanmar had been considered as … Go to Source Author: SG Date: […]

China’s Geely plots rescue of specialist British car-maker Lotus

September 01, 2017 8:48 AM LONDON (Bloomberg) – An assembly hall sits rusting on a 22-hectare factory complex in eastern England, surrounded by a vast expanse of green, productive farmlands. Go to Source – Please click here Date & time: 1st September 2017, 09:00.

Silicon Valley giants outrank many nations, says first ‘techplomat’

The top firms in California’s Silicon Valley carry more weight on the global stage than many countries, which makes building diplomatic relations with them increasingly important, the world’s first national technology ambassador said.Chosen to fill what his country’s foreign ministry has dubbed the first “techplomacy” posting on the U.S. West Coast, Denmark’s Casper Klynge will […]

Jaguar Land Rover to create 5,000 new jobs in UK

Britain’s biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is drawing up plans to hire an extra 5,000 engineers and technical staff in the next year, the Sunday Telegraph reported, in a boost to the government as it embarks on the Brexit negotiations.The newspaper said the recruitment drive, which could be announced next week, would focus on […]

Betænkningen om databeskyttelses-forordningen

Justitsministeriets betænkning om databeskyttelsesforordningens ”implementering” i ‎dansk ret er netop udkommet.‎Der er tale om et digert værk opdelt i en del I på ca. 1.100 sider og en noget mindre del ‎II på ca. 100 sider. ELSEBETH AAES-JØRGENSEN PARTNER (LLM) Source: Betænkningen om databeskyttelses-forordningen | NorrbomVinding

Polar Bear: Photographs of a Fragile Ecosystem

Images, whether captured by a satellite, a scientist, an explorer, a photojournalist or an artist, enable us to record, study and reflect on our planet’s evolving state.To raise awareness to the planet’s changing climate, melting ice, and its impact on polar bears, a group of scientists and conservationists with the non-profit Polar Bear International have […]

UK demographic change: Organisations must catch up fast

The need to react to the challenge of an ageing workforce and talent shortages is urgentThe UK demographics are changing. In turn, the nature of our workplaces is shifting dramatically. This isn’t a newsflash; we have known for some time that this would occur. However, rather than rise to meet this changing societal phenomena, the […]

Wham! star George Michael has died, only 53

British pop star George Michael has died, his family said in a statement. The musician, who shot to fame with the 1980s duo Wham!, was 53 years old. Source: Wham! star George Michael has died –