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Silicon Valley giants outrank many nations, says first ‘techplomat’

The top firms in California’s Silicon Valley carry more weight on the global stage than many countries, which makes building diplomatic relations with them increasingly important, the world’s first national technology ambassador said.Chosen to fill what his country’s foreign ministry has dubbed the first “techplomacy” posting on the U.S. West Coast, Denmark’s Casper Klynge will […]

Betænkningen om databeskyttelses-forordningen

Justitsministeriets betænkning om databeskyttelsesforordningens ”implementering” i ‎dansk ret er netop udkommet.‎Der er tale om et digert værk opdelt i en del I på ca. 1.100 sider og en noget mindre del ‎II på ca. 100 sider. ELSEBETH AAES-JØRGENSEN PARTNER (LLM) Source: Betænkningen om databeskyttelses-forordningen | NorrbomVinding

Polar Bear: Photographs of a Fragile Ecosystem

Images, whether captured by a satellite, a scientist, an explorer, a photojournalist or an artist, enable us to record, study and reflect on our planet’s evolving state.To raise awareness to the planet’s changing climate, melting ice, and its impact on polar bears, a group of scientists and conservationists with the non-profit Polar Bear International have […]

New EU Trade Secrets Directive | NorrbomVinding

The European Parliament and the Council have adopted a new directive on the protection of trade ‎secrets. The Directive provides a definition of trade secrets and unlawful use of trade secrets, and ‎contains provisions on the protection of trade secrets and on the sanctions available for non-‎compliance.‎In late 2013, the European Commission introduced its proposal […]

Copenhagen Airport is launching a new express security check 

Copenhagen Airport is launching a new express security check designed especially for domestic passengers, starting from noon this Friday. The new check, ‘Domestic Travelers/CPH Express’, ensures the quickest possible way through security for passengers travelling to Jutland and Bornholm. “Domestic traffic is crucial for Copenhagen Airport as thousands of Danes travel every day from various Danish airports to Copenhagen Airport, and many […]

Adaptation to high-fat diet, cold had profound effect on Inuit, including shorter height

Greenlanders developed unique mutations to deal with diet high in omega-3 fatty acids: Researchers have found unique genetic mutations in the Inuit genome that make them more adapted to cold as well as a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, with the side effect of shorter height. This is the first evidence human populations have […]

Copenhagen best Nordic family destination

The praise for Copenhagen just keeps coming – this time from Denmark’s Nordic neighbours (and the Danes themselves, of course). on Friday released the results of a survey in which some 4,000 Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns (with roughly even numbers from each country) were asked which of the four countries’ capitols they found […]

Copenhagen claims title as world’s most bicycle-friendly city

Copenhagen has surpassed Amsterdam to be named the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, according to the Copenhagenize Index 2015 – thus named, as you might have guessed, because Copenhagen is the city to aspire to in terms of being bicycle-friendly.The index, published biennially by the urban design consultancy Copenhagenize Design Company, ranks 150 cities […]