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How marriage changes people forever

“Why is it there are so many unmarried women in their thirties these days, Bridget?” – the dinner party scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary is excruciatingly familiar to anyone who has ever found themselves, alone, surrounded by a room full of married friends.While psychologists may not have fully resolved the question of whether marriage makes people […]

This Is the Reason You Keep Using Facebook

If you’ve ever logged in to Facebook and managed to scroll and post for more than a few hours, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: Why? It turns out the answer is simple: It makes you feel good, according to a Michigan State University assistant professor – though that’s not necessarily a good thing.Allison Eden, […]

Humor Sometimes Makes Stressful Situations Better

Humor can be a great mechanism for dealing with stress.  Jokes and witty conversation can make you feel closer to the people around you.  In addition, a key element of jokes is that they force you to look at the same situation in different ways. Puns, for example, involve taking a word or phrase and […]

Musical mystery: Researchers examine science behind performer movements

Researchers at McMaster are one step closer to solving one of the mysteries of social interaction: how musicians communicate during a performance and anticipate one another’s moves without saying a word. The findings are important because a clearer appreciation of how musicians silently work together — across tempo changes, phrasing and musical dynamics — will […]

Employees in Singapore are one of the least engaged in APAC

The latest 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report by Aon Hewitt has revealed that global employee engagement has retracted in the last year. Covering more than five million employee responses worldwide across more than 60 industries, the report showed that less than a quarter (24%) of all employees fall into the highly engaged category, […]

How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

7 steps to acclimate yourself to extreme situations so you can excel at every level. Source: How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (According to a Green Beret) |

Why Wellbeing Is Harder Than It Looks

Are you struggling to maintain your wellbeing? Let’s face it we all know that we should be moving regularly, eating wisely and sleeping deeply but if wellbeing was that easy we’d all be flourishing by now.  And we’re not.   But what if it didn’t have to be so hard? In its simplest form, wellbeing is […]

Rethinking resistance

Earlier this year, a large fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm in China was forced to integrate with a US-based company, which had acquired its operations.A new leadership team had to be created while the two sets of support functions needed to be consolidated, among other large-scale changes that affected almost all of its 6,000 employees […]

Diversity and Inclusiveness Is Good For Your Well-being

Diversity and inclusiveness is about being open to others who are not like your– perhaps a different age, gender or ethnic background. It is about adjusting the way you communicate to get on with people from different cultures, building relationships with people from a very different background to yourself, and speaking up to challenge stereotyping […]

Freaky new evidence suggests your immune system could be controlling your behaviour

We all like to think of ourselves as totally unique, independent individuals, in charge of our own destinies. But new research has found evidence that our behaviour, and maybe even our personalities, could be influenced by something totally unexpected – our immune systems. Researchers have shown that by switching off just one immune molecule in mice, […]