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Contract, In-Office, Remote: Which is the Best Hiring Solution for Your Company?

Bringing on talent as your business grows is a big step, and depending on your needs, there are several options to consider. According to CareerBuilder’s 2017 midyear hiring forecast, 40 percent of employers said they planned to hire full-time, permanent employees this year, while half of all employers anticipate adding temporary or contract workers. So […]

Hiring for Fit vs. Hiring for Inclusion: Which Route Should You Take?

HR professionals are talking a lot about “hiring for fit,” and the concept seems sound. After all, to create and maintain a strong corporate culture, companies would seem well-served to ensure that new hires will fit into that culture. But is there a flip side to this commonly held wisdom? Could building a culture based […]

Augmented Reality Comes to the Workplace

Experts say augmented reality is poised to bring dramatic changes to the workplace, with the potential to significantly improve workers’ productivity, enhance employee training and make worksites safer.

California Lawmakers Approve Controversial Workplace Immigration Bill

A bill that would put California employers in a difficult position in the conflict between federal and state immigration policies has been sent to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Employment attorneys told SHRM Online that Brown will probably sign the bill, but there’s no guarantee.