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Companies Can’t Assume Those Over 40 Have Outdated Skills

If the average worker is 42 years old, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, why is it that nearly 3 in 4 tech workers, one survey reveals, are between 20 and 40? The answer, experts say, is discrimination—despite laws against it. The solution, some suggest, is more diversity. Go to Source Author: SHRM […]

Singapore Jobless Rate Dips to 2.1 Percent in Q3: MOM

Fewer Singaporeans are unemployed, as the country’s overall unemployment rate falls slightly in the third quarter of the year, compared to the previous. According to… Go to Source Author: Date: 31st October 2017, 12:00

Build an Inclusive Culture Before Recruiting for Diversity

San Francisco-based Lever, one of the so-called next-generation talent acquisition systems upending the traditional applicant tracking system because of its integrated approach to hiring, is gaining recognition not only for its technology, but also for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Go to Source Author: SHRM Global Date: 28th October 2017, 00:01

SG: MOM Sets Up New Programme to Help Mid-Career Professionals

New initiative named as Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) aims to help mid-career workers gear up for new jobs in the professional services sector. The programmes… Go to Source Author: Date: 27th October 2017, 11:02

United Kingdom – Joint pay claim by health workers’ unions

United Kingdom – Joint pay claim by health workers’ unions – September 30, 2017Fourteen health sector trade unions, representing over one million members, submitted a joint pay claim to the government. Pay negotiations in the sector are normally carried out in a special pay review body that includes employer and trade union representatives. However, the […]

At least 130 Singapore Press Holdings staff have been dismissed 

Media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) laid off some 130 employees on Thursday (October 12), a day after it announced its annual financial results and that 230 jobs would be slashed before the year is up.On Wednesday, the organisation revealed that some 200 newsroom and sales staff would be affected, representing 15% of the headcount […]