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Changing faces of HR technology

The demand for HR-focused technology has increased over the past year, with a rising number of companies already setting a spending amount for these services in 2016. HRM explores what they can look forward to this year.It is a common move for companies to replace their core HR management systems with technological solutions these days.The […]

What’s the State of HR Technology?

While more HR professionals are using talent management technology, according to a new report, gaps remain where HR technology could be better used: in integrating day-to-day work activities, for critical analytic purposes and in meeting the needs of Millennials who expect the technology they use at work to mirror the technology they use in their […]

5 top HR tech issues revealed

Want to know all about the next-generation recruitment tools? And how to be an expert on big data? Don’t miss HR Tech Interactive 2015! Source: 5 top HR tech issues revealed | Human Resources Online