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Trevor Lee: Leadership, they say, is first and foremost, behavior, and skills second. Good leaders are followed mainly because they are trusted and respected by the people they lead, rather than because they are admired for the skills they possess. Leadership is different to management. Management relies more on planning, and on organisational and communications […]

Edelman Trust Barometer Data Reveals Employee Trust Divide

For the first time we examined the state of trust between employers and employees in the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report on Employee Advocacy. Source: Edelman Trust Barometer Data Reveals Employee Trust Divide

Developing the next generation of leaders in Singapore

  Chris Reed: As the Global CEO of a start-up, I understand that I’m not just hiring employees to work for me. It’s in my best interest to also ensure that if and when employees leave, they:Maintain a good impression of the company even long after they have left – word-of-mouth is still a powerful […]

Denmark no. 1 in Europe in Global Creativity Index 2015

The Global Creativity Index (GCI) presented by Martin Prosperity Institute is a broad-based measure for advanced economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the three T’s of economic development – talent, technology and tolerance.Countries that receive high scores on the GCI generally have higher levels of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, productivity (measured as economic output per person) […]

Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

Simon Sinek: In this wide-ranging talk, ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek discusses the importance of trust, authenticity, and meaning. Sinek argues that as individuals and companies, everything that we say and do is a symbol of who we are. And it is only when we communicate our beliefs authentically that we can attract others […]

Just How Important is EI? | Trevor B. Lee

By Trevor B. Lee: I make no apologies for re-publishing on this leadership fundamental. Authentic Leadership & EIA company’s authentic leadership resonance creates the strongest revenue  and profit results. Studies have shown for every 1% increase in service climate that a resonant  leader or group inspires there is a 2% increase in revenue. Conversely we […]

Senior managers earn more than 11 times their junior staff

Income gaps are rising at alarming levels in India, with senior managers currently earning 11.7 times more than lower level employees. Latest research by Hay Group found the pay gap has been growing, from 7.7 in 2008, to 11.7 in 2014. Globally, the pay gap in salaries is rising in twice as many countries as […]

Curiosity: The Heart of Lifelong Learning

What makes children want to learn? According to research, it’s the joy of exploration—a hidden force that drives learning, critical thinking, and reasoning. We call this ability curiosity, and we recognize it in children when we see them exploring their environment, devouring books and information, asking questions, investigating concepts, manipulating data, searching for meaning, connecting […]

Reinventing Performance Management

Performance Management Marcus Buckingham – Ashley Goodall: At Deloitte we’re redesigning our performance management system. This may not surprise you. Like many other companies, we realize that our current process for evaluating the work of our people—and then training them, promoting them, and paying them accordingly—is increasingly out of step with our objectives. Read more