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How to use Skype Translator when calling mobiles and landlines

A few week ago, Microsoft announced that users of Skype Preview on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can now use Skype Translator when calling mobiles and landlines.* This opens up a whole lot of new communication opportunities across the globe and across cultures. Let’s say you’ve booked a trip to Italy, or Brazil or any country that […]

3 Industries That Will Probably Create the First Trillionaire |

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what is? A billion dollars.” This now infamous line, delivered by Justin Timberlake while playing Sean Parker in the movie The Social Network about the founding of Facebook, has become something of a joking catchphrase in startup circles.And they are right, a billion dollars is pretty cool. But […]

The Creation of a New World: After The Revolution

Ruth Schwartz: Recently, I was irritated and surprised to find myself in a meeting where I was asked to join a health product multi-level marketing company. As I sternly refused to participate, I said, “While this may be your passion, this is not my passion.” I was then asked, “What is your passion?” “Good question,” […]