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How HR leaders can help drive company culture

Jayesh Menon, HR Director, Moet Hennessy Asia-Pacific Singapore, shares six ways in which HR can create a value-added culture.About the authorJayesh Menon, HR Director, Moet Hennessy Asia-PacificMenon has over 15 years’ HR experience, and has been hands-on in setting up new locations and global shared services across multiple countries in the Asia-Pacific region.He has also […]

How Singapore Is Retraining Its Workforce

In a shifting economy and corporate world, agility has become a key predictor of success—yet studies show only a fraction of the global workforce is considered highly agile. In this regular column, Michael Distefano, Korn Ferry’s chief marketing officer and chief operating officer, Asia Pacific, explores the concept of agility: who has it, who doesn’t, and what companies […]

How Starbucks Brews Its Workplace Culture: A Guide to Employee Engagement and Talent Retention

Workplace culture could either be a boon or bane for a company’s success. When organisations put efforts in turning its visions and values into meaningful culture and infuse it to the workforce, this will result in loyal, highly-engaged, and goal-driven employees. That being said, workplace culture could be a powerful tool to engage and retain […]

Employee Engagement

If th ere’s one thing that’s certain in the world of Human Resources, it’s that employee engagement matters. If there’s a second thing that’s certain, it’s that HR knowing this has done almost nothing to improve employee engagement. Engagement is not a program,” he states. Source: Employee Engagement – Human Resources Today

More Than Just Diversity, HR Must Develop a Cultural Competence

We are facing a dynamic and consistent cultural shift in the U.S. Population research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that by 2020 over 50% of the children in the U.S. will be majority-minority, and by 2044 the general adult population will follow suit. The leadership terms, training and methods made successful so many […]

2017, Competencies and Trends

While writing job responsibilities, ensure that the description includes the following elements: A detailed list of tasks A comprehensive list of job responsibilities A detailed list of job skills A detailed list of job competencies What are Job Responsibilities? The List of Job Competencies This approach requires you to rephrase certain essential functions or job […]

2017, Competencies and Trends

There’s no harm in being made aware of emerging trends in our profession. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently added an interactive book to their competency model website featuring stories from HR pros who are using the model to advance their organizations and careers. Source: 2017, Competencies and Trends – Human Resources Today

Managing the generational workplace shift: Is HR ready?

Tuan Le, General Manager for Southeast Asia, Orange Business Services, explains why companies should treat their younger workforce as partners.The “employee as customer” approachHow can we manage this change?The term “Millennials” is no longer an unfamiliar phrase in today’s workplace. According to Aon Hewitt, millennials and beyond will represent up to 75% of the global […]

Africa needs more engineers and makers

Kamau Gachigi said that by 2050 Africa’s population is projected to have doubled and needs to build economies to sustain that level of growth.Digital fabrications labs such as Gearbox were vital to this, he said.Such labs need to start building more Africa-specific hardware, he added.”These labs help people become more practical and more productive. We […]

Background checks are scaring off candidates

More than a third of US employers have lost candidates due to troublesome background checks.According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, employers are losing out candidates in the post-offer stage due to onerous background screening processes.While background checks can be useful as a means to validate candidates and protect employers from hiring risks, it was […]