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Twitter halts ‘broken’ verified-profile system

I GETTY IMAGES Twitter has suspended its verified-profile scheme and described it as “broken”, following complaints over the type of accounts being verified.Typically, prominent people, including musicians, journalists and company executives, get a blue icon on their profile after proving their identity.However, some far-right and white-supremacist accounts have now also been verified.Twitter founder Jack Dorsey […]

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review: A beast from the East

Today, bezel-less displays are the expectation for any flagship phone. If the screen doesn’t spill over two or more edges, it’s almost laughable to many gadget lovers and early adopters… Source: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review: A beast from the East – BGR

Apple iPhone X Presentation Extended Highlights

Apple presents iPhone X within Special Event on September 12, 2017. Apple iPhone X has revolutionary Edge-to-Edge display with 458 PPI. The new iPhone X has highly improved Dual Camera with 12 Megapixels chip. Source – click

Self-Driving Wheelchairs Debut in Hospitals and Airports

Photo: PanasonicAutonomous vehicles can add a new member to their ranks—the self-driving wheelchair. This summer, two robotic wheelchairs made headlines: one at a Singaporean hospital and another at a Japanese airport.The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, or SMART, developed the former, first deployed in Singapore’s Changi General Hospital in September 2016, where it successfully navigated the hospital’s […]

Startup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game

The Human OSBiomedicalBionicsStartup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR GameBy Eliza StricklandPosted 7 Aug 2017 | 13:10 GMT Photo: NeurableImagine putting on a VR headset, seeing the virtual world take shape around you, and then navigating through that world without waving any controllers around—instead steering with your thoughts alone.That’s the new gaming experience offered […]

DOE Backs AI for Clean Tech Investors

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to make investing in energy technology easier, less risky, and less expensive (for the government, at least).A new initiative by the DOE’s office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) is looking for ideas on how to reduce barriers to private investment in energy technologies. Rho AI, one of […]

The Big Sprawl: Software Engineering Jobs Escape Into New Territories

Once upon a time, software engineers worked in tight tech bubbles, concentrated either by geography or by industry. But today, “every company is trying to transform itself into a tech company,” says Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist with job search site Glassdoor. And that, he says, has led software jobs to emerge from the tech bubbles […]

How to Build a Moral Robot

How do you teach a robot right from wrong?It’s a question straight out of a sci-fi movie—but it’s also something we may have to grapple with a lot sooner than you might think.Take a self-driving car, that has to choose between hitting a child or slamming its own passenger into a barrier.Or imagine a rescue […]

The Benefits of Building an Artificial Brain

In the mid-1940s, a few brilliant people drew up the basic blueprints of the computer age. They conceived a general-purpose machine based on a processing unit made up of specialized subunits and registers, which operated on stored instructions and data. Later inventions—transistors, integrated circuits, solid-state memory—would supercharge this concept into the greatest tool ever created […]