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Apple iPhone X Presentation Extended Highlights

Apple presents iPhone X within Special Event on September 12, 2017. Apple iPhone X has revolutionary Edge-to-Edge display with 458 PPI. The new iPhone X has highly improved Dual Camera with 12 Megapixels chip. Source – click

New report sheds more light on the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature

With 2017 in full swing, we’re already starting to see a noticeable uptick in the number of iPhone 8 rumors coming through the pipeline. Just a few days ago, a report surfaced indicating that Apple’s next-gen iPhone may include an advanced form of facial recognition technology, capable of even discerning specific emotional states. Bolstering this report […]

Sweden bans cameras on drones

The use of camera drones has been made illegal in Sweden unless they are granted a special surveillance permit. Under new rules set down by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden, camera drones qualify as surveillance cameras and require a licence. Permits can be expensive and paying to apply for one does not guarantee it will […]

Hendo 2.0: the hoverboard that Tony Hawk helped design

Ever wanted to take off like Marty McFly, without having to bend the space-time continuum?The DeLorean might still be some way off, but in the present hoverboard technology is cruising along nicely — and its flagship model just got an upgrade.Hendo 2.0, the updated version of the hoverboard that caught everyone’s attention exactly one year […]

Brain Injury and Cell Phones

Smartphones are incredibly convenient. However, holding your cell phone up to your ear, storing it in your pants pocket or tucking it into your bra poses a dangerous cancer risk. And governing bodies are finally starting to take notice. I never stopped to think about the health consequences of cell phone use until I went […]

Report: New Apple TV to land in October and cost less than $200

What don’t we know by now about Apple’s next-generation Apple TV? Yet another report claims Apple’s new streaming box will launch in October and be priced under $200, according to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.While it seems the company is still finalizing the price, the upcoming Apple TV will likely land between $149 to $199. That’d make […]

3D printing human organs? It suddenly doesn’t seem so far off

Amanda Gorvin began to think her life had become unbearable in the early hours of a November morning last year when she found herself crawling agonisingly down the hall from her bedroom to the darkened kitchen of her home on the NSW Central Coast. Source: 3D printing human organs? It suddenly doesn’t seem so far […]

The hidden threat of Bring Your Own Devices

With flexible working integrating itself into the workplace with increasing prevalence, a whole host of problems face HR. Proven Legal Technologies bought four smartphones from eBay, all from different UK sellers, and analysed the phones for company data. Between the four phones they recovered; 1,531 deleted documents and files, 438 tracked emails, 54 contact details, […]

Facebook’s internet-beaming drone is ready for testing

Facebook has completed the construction of its first internet-beaming drone and will undertake a test flight in the US in the coming months.The unmanned aircraft, Aquila, is part of the social network’s elaborate plan to provide connectivity using satellites, drones, and lasers. “Our mission in the company is to connect everybody in the world,” Jay […]