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Job hopping: Shifting mindset

It’s a topic that is regularly discussed in professional forums and on networking sites such as LinkedIn. And it’s something that holds supreme relevance in today’s hyper-changing and complex world of work.Job hopping, job shopping, or whatever moniker it has been ascribed, is now firmly in the HR spotlight in Asia. With the millenial generation […]

Study: Will Quality of Portfolio Site Influence Hiring Decisions?

Getting a job is all about impressing an employer by showing that you have what they’re looking for. The challenge is figuring out what exactly those things are. Even if your resumé checks off all the criteria in the job posting, these days that may not be enough. Many of the domain names registered through […]

7 Very Telling Signs Your Job is a Poor Fit | Dr. Marla Gottschalk

At some point in our work lives many of us will find ourselves in the wrong job. Specific fault can be difficult (and likely futile) to assign. However, one day you may look around to find that your work life is dangerously out of sync. Few experiences are more alarming than throwing yourself into a […]

The 1 Skill Warren Buffett Says Will Raise Your Value by 50 Percent

Imagine working on one skill in 2017 that–once you improve on it–will raise your value by 50 percent. The one skill is public speaking.The dividends on the investment you make in sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to billionaire Warren Buffett’s […]

6 things to consider before applying for a job vacancy in Hong Kong

According to the World Bank, Hong Kong enjoys a solid reputation as one of the easiest place to conduct business in the world. This makes Hong Kong a top destination for professionals wanting to jumpstart their career. However, before you start applying for jobs in Hong Kong, it’s important to research all facets of the job […]

7 Questions to Ask At the End of a Job Interview

You’re in the hot seat. You’ve just answered a dozen questions about yourself and successfully explained why you’d make a great addition to the team. You crushed it and you’re feeling good.But then the interviewer turns the tables and asks one final question: “So do you have any questions for me?” Source: 7 Questions to […]