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Machines increasingly take the place of humans in China’s factories

Netizens were amazed by photos showing a robot chef making noodles in a restaurant in Wuhan, Hubei Province this week, but don’t be surprised if one day soon this becomes a common sight in your neighborhood. Outside the catering industry, the rapid growth in the robotics sector means robots are increasingly taking the place of […]

China’s Unemployment Rate Remains Steady at 5.1% this Year

The unemployment rate across 31 cities in Mainland China stayed steady at 5.1% in the first half of this year. According to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics’ population and employment statistics department released yesterday, the rate rose slightly to 5.19% from January to March because of Chinese New Year. However, it dropped promptly […]

RMG Recruitment Insider Report Q2 is Launched

RMG Recruitment Insider Survey is a quarterly project to help the public gain more insight into the recruitment market of different businesses in mainland ChinaThe data is collected from more than 1600 respondents who are working at 10 different types of the company in 10+ cities and 20 industries. All the results collected come from […]

Chinese Slowdown Slashes UK Manufacturing Jobs

CV Library reveals that the period between July and August 2015 has seen a dramatic decrease of 24.2% in the number of manufacturing jobs! Furthermore, the nation as a whole saw jobs decline by 2.9% last month, meaning that the decline experienced in the manufacturing sector was 716.5% greater than the national average, indicating that […]

Uber wanted 40% of China’s biggest taxi app so it issued an ultimatum

Uber tried to buy its way into the Chinese market, according to a CEO of the country’s largest taxi app. At the Yabuli Summer Entrepreneurs Summit held over the weekend (link in Chinese), Didi Kuaidi chief Cheng Wei said Uber founder Travis Kalanick himself gave the startup an ultimatum: sell us 40% of your shares […]

Report outlines online shopping habits of Chinese market

Chinese online shoppers are increasingly buying products on overseas sites, says new research from Taobao. Chinese Internet shoppers have expanded their overseas shopping options to more than 100 countries and regions in the past decade. According to the report, the US, Japan and South Korea are the favorites (based on trade volume and value) followed […]

China’s new business leaders

New circumstances, changes needed. After nearly two decades of breakneck growth, China is entering a new, tougher economy. Its past, fast growth was fueled by exports and massive capital investment. Its new economic policies promote a shift to a slower but steadier economic growth driven by internal consumption, innovation, and entrepreneurial vigor. Just consider that China […]

Chinese currency falls for 2nd day after surprise devaluation

China’s currency fell further Wednesday following a surprise change in its exchange rate mechanism that rattled global markets and threatens to fan trade tensions with the United States and Europe. The central bank said the yuan’s 1.9 percent devaluation Tuesday against the U.S. dollar, which was its biggest one-day fall in a decade, was due […]

McKinsey Greater China – China’s Diverse Billionaires

Unlike in most of the rest of the world, where the newly hyper-wealthy are largely Internet entrepreneurs, Chinese billionaires come from many sectors – even some where we might believe that state-owned enterprises have all the advantages and dominate. Less than a quarter are from technology sectors. It is not a surprise that many are […]