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The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

What are the top reasons you need to develop and enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EI)? After working with thousands of executives and leaders and focusing on helping them raise their Emotional Intelligence for the last 20 years, both individually and in their organizations, I wanted to summarize some of the key benefits for you. Source: […]

How to Use Your Emotions to Build Relationships that Work

Knowing your attachment style and how it leads you to perceive (or not perceive) social threats, interact with others, and process emotions is half of the battle when it comes to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. The other half of the battle involves using emotions effectively to solve interpersonal problems instead of allowing your emotions […]

The Origins of Emotional Intelligence: The Embryology of Emotions and The Roots of Human Motivation

Daniel Goleman, book Emotional Intelligence, highlights the importance of understanding our emotional life. He says the purpose of his voyage is “to bring intelligence to emotions” (p. xii). This is right on target! And what is “emotional intelligence”? Goleman uses several phrases to describe what he is getting at: self-control, zeal and persistence, the ability […]

Does Emotional Intelligence Make a Person Smart?

Some might view intelligence as how smart a person is based upon his or her job title, education, social status or even income. A physics professor with a doctorate might be viewed as more intelligent than a manual laborer with no college degree, but this is not necessarily true. Intelligence not only depends on the […]

Inside Out: emotional intelligence made easy- maybe too easy

Our inner conflicts are usually so well hidden that we don’t even see them ourselves, so it’s fascinating to see them blown up on a movie screen. The new Pixar movie, Inside Out, is set inside a person’s brain, and the emotions are the main characters. It’s fun to watch the personified Joy, Sadness, Anger, […]