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7 Ways to Get Psyched & Ace Your Performance

How you prepare mentally makes a huge difference in your performance. Author Daniel McGinn explains the science of mental preparation. Go to Source By author: Roger Dooley Date & time: 1st September 2017, 00:00.

Psychology’s diversity problem

A study led by Associate Professor Mark Nielsen from The University of Queensland School of Psychology found an overwhelming sampling bias in developmental psychology towards research conducted in Western cultures. “Over the last decade there has been an increasing call for psychological studies to move away from what we call a WEIRD-centric approach – that […]

How brain circuits govern hunger and cravings

By developing a new approach to imaging and manipulating particular groups of neurons in the mouse brain, scientists have identified a pathway by which neurons that drive hunger influence distant neurons involved in the decision of whether or not to react to food-related cues. Their findings could open the door to targeted therapies that dampen […]

Predicting treatment effectiveness for adults with autism

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers have identified certain brain regions that significantly correlate with an increase in social abilities following a virtual environment based training program. Adults on the autism spectrum who showed greater activity in the social brain network prior to the training improved more in emotion recognition than those who showed […]

Radiation therapy vital to treating brain tumors, but it exacts a toll

Radiation therapy (RT) using high-energy particles is a common and critical component in successfully treating patients with brain tumors but it is also associated with significant adverse effects. In a new study, researchers report that irradiation can cause broader adverse effects, altering the structural network properties in impacted brains and perhaps contributing to delayed cognitive […]

The Benefits of Talking to Yourself

Self-talk is sometimes looked at as just an eccentric quirk, but research has found that it can influence behavior and cognition. Go to Source By author: Date & time: 8th June 2017, 18:02.