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The Dangers of a Desk Job – and What You Can Do About Them

Eighty-six percent of Americans work at jobs that require them to sit at desks and stare at computers for most of the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t so great for their health. Now is the time to start initiatives to keep yourself, your colleagues, and your employees happy and healthy at their desks while also attracting … […]

5 Things to Do When Negotiating Raises With Your Employees

Companies predict that the average raise in 2017 will be about 3 percent, which is similar to previous years’ averages. Is your company prepared to give out these raises? When compensation talk comes up with any of your employees, do these five things: 1. Ask Employees to Document Their Achievements and Prove Why They … […]

A Look at Facebook’s New Job Board

Businesses large and small have a new reason to encourage traffic to their Facebook pages: The social media network recently rolled out a new job board feature in the U.S. and Canada. With this new feature, candidates can search through a list of potential employers on Facebook and apply directly through the site. They can […]

The Best Ways to Hire – So You Don’t Have to Fire

Firing someone is never easy. It can be complicated, and it leaves your company one employee down. Sometimes, however, it’s a sign of a deeper problem. If you regularly find yourself having to fire your employees, then your hiring process may need a tune-up. Let’s dispel some hiring myths and take a look at what […]

What to Do About Identity Thieves Posing as Recruiters

There was a time when you could put a padlock on the dumpster to keep identity thieves at bay, but in the age of the internet, stealing personally identifiable information (PII) or money is easier than ever before. As financial institutions come up with more ways to prevent fraud, scammers respond by getting more creative. From […]

The Pros and Cons of Recruiting Strategies When You’re on a Tight Budget

Stellar recruiting strategies are key to company growth, but sometimes, recruiting solutions do not align with recruiting budgets. According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report, 35 percent of businesses cite “limited budget” as one of the biggest talent acquisition challenges they face. To make budgetary matters worse, Go to Source By author: Date & time: 13th June […]

Stay in Touch: Top 10 Communication Tools for Recruiters

Welcome to Top 10,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned. […]

The Ultimate ‘Should I Quit My Job?’ Checklist

Jobs are a little bit like relationships: You have natural chemistry with some, while others take time to feel “right.” Many get dull after a few years, and while they might be super into you, you’re not always into them. As with a relationship, it can be hard to know if you’re going through a […]

Having Trouble Retaining Entry-Level Employees? The Problem Might Be How You Hire:

According to new research from the Rockefeller Foundation and Edelman Intelligence, finding, hiring, and retaining entry-level talent has become a challenge for many organizations. Although 97 percent of employers say entry-level jobs are important to their business performance, 43 percent of them are having trouble sourcing candidates to fill these roles. Where’s the disconnect? Upon […]

5 Tactics HR Reps Can Use to Increase Employee Productivity

Most human resources departments focus on improving workplace productivity through positive employee relations. When your employees work together under a series of well-meaning guidelines, they can create a more efficient workplace overall. But productivity can be affected by a variety of external and internal factors. The workplace atmosphere, office layout, temperature, company goals, and management […]