The Brain Prize for 2015 is awarded to Winfried Denk, Arthur Konnerth, Karel Svoboda and David W. Tank for ‘the invention, refinement and use of two-photon microscopy to provide detailed, dynamic images of activity in individual nerve cells, dendrites and synapses, thereby transforming the study of development, plasticity and functional circuitry of the brain’.

Source: The Brain Prize Winners 2015 – Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation

Erling Vangedal-Nielsen, 71 år, er opfinder og manden bag isterningeposen. Han fik fik patent på isterningeposen i 1977, der siden har solgt i milliarder af eksemplarer. Her fortæller han om at opfinde, om at tænke kreativt om kunstige håndvaginaer, der sælger 700.000 eksemplarer om året. “Vi var fem unge gutter, der havde lejet et sommerhus i Blokhus. Sent om eftermiddagen blev vi enige om at tage ned på diskotek Peter Wessel, der var smart dengang i 1976.””Vi ville lige varme op, og derfor hev en af vennerne en flaske whisky op af tasken og gik på jagt efter isterninger. Vi fandt en bakke med isterninger i køleskabet, men allerede efter første glas var bakken tom.”

Source: Manden bag isterningeposen: “Der er masser af ting, der mangler at blive opfundet” – Euroman

Close to eight in ten financial services business heads claim the hiring of non-traditional skill-sets into accountancy positions has been a hit.Financial Services organisations are getting creative in recruitment as they bid to outdo their rivals in the ongoing talent warfare.According to analysis from specialist recruiter Robert Half Financial Services, an increase in demand for accounting skills, along with the present skills shortage, is instigating a considerable shift in how financial services firms hire staff for accountancy positions.The change in strategy is crucial as the vast majority of financial services executives (97%) cited that they encounter obstacles when searching for skilled professionals.

Source: Financial Services firms turning to non-orthodox skills to tackle talent war | hrmasia

Alex Lickerman: While I was growing up, my brothers (I’m the eldest of four boys) often chided me for being so much like my father. I suppose it was inevitable that I would be; firstborn children tend to be rule followers (if you believe in the significance of birth order) and I fit the stereotype. Some boys use their fathers to push against as they struggle to establish their own independent identities. I used mine as a role model. My decision to do this was largely, though not entirely, unconscious.

Source: The Power of Influence | Psychology Today

As the war for talent heats in Asia, companies are increasingly relying on job advertisements to help them recruit the right candidates.According to the Robert Walters Asia Job Index for the first quarter of 2015, there was a 22% growth in job advertisements in Q1 2015 compared to the same time in 2014.Hong Kong, with an overall growth of 2%, saw a 8% increase in demand for HR professionals, as companies continued to employ talent acquisition specialists to help them build a stable talent pipeline.“We observed a strong level of hiring activity in the first half of 2014, and recruitment activity in Q1 2015 had remained relatively steady compared to the same time last year,” Matthew Bennet, managing director, Greater China of Robert Walters said.

Source: Higher demand for HR professionals in Asia | Human Resources Online