It’s the 30th anniversary of the Media All-Stars, Adweek’s celebration of the smartest and sharpest executives working in the media agency business today.(The All-Stars originated in then-Adweek competitor Marketing & Media Decisions.) This year’s crew is headlined by Executive of the Year Sasha Savic, the U.S. CEO of MediaCom, which also won U.S. Media Agency of the Year honors earlier in the year.

Source: Adweek’s 2015 Media All-Stars for 2015 | Adweek

By Trevor B. Lee: I make no apologies for re-publishing on this leadership fundamental. Authentic Leadership & EIA company’s authentic leadership resonance creates the strongest revenue  and profit results. Studies have shown for every 1% increase in service climate that a resonant  leader or group inspires there is a 2% increase in revenue. Conversely we have all experienced, or are experiencing the results of  dissonant leadership. Individuals and groups whose emotional intelligence is so low they are  oblivious to the path of destruction and poor results their actions are

Source: Just How Important is EI? | Trevor B. Lee | LinkedIn

Why is it that employees you think are so happy at work suddenly and unexpectedly resign?You’ve treated them well – they have medical insurance, they got a 2% pay rise, and of course you pay into their CPF. You’ve invested in training and the annual company conference is always a big hit with no expense spared. Why were they so dissatisfied that they left such a good company?Employees, particularly in Singapore, are enticed to move employers by salary increases. A recent article in Forbes points out that employees in the US who stay in the same company for over two years will earn 50% less over a 10-year career than those who move. It’s a lot of money.

Source: Why Singapore firms need to make each employee special | Singapore Business Review

Singapore: Another 32,000 are in the pipeline after that.This chart from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) shows that a total of 21,319 residential units are expected to be completed in the next three quarters of 2015 while another 25,769 are expected to be completed in 2016.These figures include ECs and are on top of the 23,298 residential units completed for the entirety of 2014.After 2016, a total of 16,186 units will be completed in 2017 while 15,642 units will be completed in 2018.

Source: Chart of the Day: Over 47,000 residential units will flood the market until 2016 | Singapore Business Review

Check out P&G Singapore’s new office with outdoor working spacesIt occupies 6 contiguous floors within The Metropolis. When the management of Procter & Gamble (P&G) Singapore decided to build a new office space, they didn’t simply construct an office space. It built a ‘Home for Inspiration’ to harness their workforce creativity while celebrating their unique Asian heritage. Located at The Metropolis, dubbed as the only Grade A office building in the One-North District, P&G’s new office occupies six contiguous floors within the building.

Source: Check out P&G Singapore’s new office with outdoor working spaces | Singapore Business Review