R.J. Heckman: In the final stages of a ceo succession WE WERE managing for a multibillion-dollar company, the field of candidates narrowed to three, all of whom were assessed to determine their leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses. The strongest candidate was “John” who, despite being the frontrunner, was the least interested in becoming CEO. Although he had a strong track record and a stellar career, John was concerned that his current skill set might not be sufficient for running such a huge operation.

Source: Building the Best C-suite Teams | Korn Ferry Briefings and Institute

A novel computer-aided detection system has been developed for acute stroke using computer intelligence technology. The detection accuracy is 90 percent, which is as high as that conducted by specialists, but at a much reduced time from 10-15 minutes to three minutes. The new system serves as a second opinion for frontline medical doctors, enabling timely and appropriate treatment for stroke patients.

Source: Computer intelligence system developed for acute stroke detection — ScienceDaily

Kit Bingham, Julian Fox and Steven Mccord look at how the person in the top job can best be supported and conclude that leadership is by definition isolating, so chief executives better get used to itIt is a well-worn cliché of leadership that it’s lonely at the top. Prime ministers, presidents, generals and the stars of sport, stage and screen – not to mention chief executives – have all observed that the higher they climb, the more isolated they become. But need it be so? Today’s chief executive should be well buttressed by executive and non-executive colleagues from whom advice and counsel can be sought. Externally, there is no shortage of professional mentors or coaches who can ease the loneliness of command. But each of these relationships may be compromised in ways that impede true candour, making it hard for a chief executive to develop truly open and honest channels of communication.

Source: If you want a friend, get a dog – Odgers Berndtson