It is well-known that many important societal indicators, that is, political, economic, social, and health factors vary across geographical regions. Many of these same indicators are also known to vary at the individual level depending on differences in one’s personality. For example, people high in conscientiousness tend to have better health, people high in openness to experience tend to be more politically liberal, while those who are more neurotic tend to have poorer mental health, and so on. Linking th

Source: Regional Differences in Personality: Surprising Findings | Psychology Today

Odgers Interim, has been voted the number one interim provider in the UK in a national survey conducted by The Institute of Interim Management (IIM). The survey, which is run on an annual basis and focuses on trends in the interim sector, includes a provider ranking, which received over 37,000 individual votes in total. This is the second year that Odgers Interim has beaten competition to the number one spot as leading interim provider, out of a possible 80 in the UK. The win comes on the back of the recent announcement from Odgers Interim, that it is targeting further expansion after recording a 25 per cent increase in revenues. Turnover rose from £33.5m to £42m for the financial year ending April 2015 as the business benefits from its growing regional and international network of sector-focused consultants.

Source: Odgers Interim voted Number One Interim Provider