Mindfulness is the process of paying attention, in an open, nonjudgmental way, to your experience in the present moment.  Dr Daniel J. Siegel, defines mindfulness as the process of developing an awareness of the present moment that is filled with COAL—curiosity, openness, acceptance and love toward our ongoing experience. Mindfulness training exercises include deliberately focusing on the breath as an anchor for your attention, maintaining an open awareness of whatever thoughts and feelings spontaneously ..

Source: How Mindfulness Improves Your Brain and Relationships | Psychology Today

US: Since 2000, HR professionals have been dealing with a piece of tax law known as IR35 – and since that time the pain and frustration with its operation has been well documented.There is no doubt the complexity of the IR35 regime cannot – and should not – be underestimated and the Government has started a review process that is trying to simplify this piece of the law.The claim from HMRC is that the changes will ‘level the playing field’ when it comes to taxation paid for and by both employees and contractors and that this will help balance the taxation system.

Source: Simplifying the thorny issue of IR35 – what do you need to know right now? – HR Grapevine

Our values are our own. Yet, perspective that results from experiences over time can cause us to question, or even alter our values.Given that we like comfort, we likely often need help in broadening our perspective.While some employees just seem to be born with the ability to understand everyone they work with, the majority of us are not. That’s why a culture of continual learning is becoming increasingly necessary for success as we enter the age of diversity in the workplace.

Source: How to Learn and Lead When Personal Values Drive Work Behaviors | TLNT