It’s always comforting to think that people can change if they’re given the right conditions. If, as the philosopher John Locke suggested, we are all born as “blank slates,” any writing on these slates that occurs early in life should be modifiable. Even renowned psychologist William James felt that personality wasn’t set in stone until we reach age 30. How, then, do we explain the results of new research by University of Michigan’s Rebecca Waller and colleagues (2016) suggesting that early signs of psychop

Source: At What Age Can We Identify Psychopathy in a Child? | Psychology Today

The way our brains learn new information has puzzled scientists for decades – we come across so much new information daily, how do our brains store what’s important, and forget the rest more efficiently than any computer we’ve built?It turns out that this could be controlled by the same laws that govern the formation of the stars and the evolution of the Universe, because a team of physicists has shown that, at the neuronal level, the learning process could ultimately be limited by the laws of thermodynamics.

Source: Physicists make the case that our brains’ learning is controlled by entropy – ScienceAlert

NEW DELHI: Salaries across industries and sectors are likely to rise by 10 per cent, according to Mercer’s 2016 India Total Remuneration Survey released today. About 54 per cent of these companies are expecting to increase their headcount.

The comprehensive survey represents 768 organizations across various industry sectors, according to a Mercer release. Among different industries surveyed, the projected salary increase ranges from 10 per cent to 11 per cent overall, with relativel ..

Source: India to have highest salary increase in 2017: Report – The Economic Times