Superhuman in making: Biohacker edits his own DNA to boost his strength

What if someone told you that you can be a superhuman much like the sci-fi or superhero movies which you have loved and watched all your lives? The tempting offer may interest a lot of people but embracing unknown risks is not something everyone would readily accept.However, a rogue scientist edited his own genes to boost his strength and senses to turn into a superhuman. Biochemist Josiah Zayner became the first person known to have edited his DNA with CRISPR — a process that can change DNA and, therefore, alter human genes.The former NASA worker who is also one of the world’s prominent biohackers said: “This is the first time in history that we are no longer slaves to our genetics.” He removed myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth, with the gene-cutting technology.This kind of technology is highly regulated in the US and the UK, but it’s not illegal to edit your own DNA.Zayner, whose firm sells DIY gene-editing kits, live-streamed the video of him injecting the modified copy of his DNA. He injected himself with new DNA that ‘excluded a gene that regulates muscle growth, a jellyfish protein that makes things glow, and even a concoction of a donor’s DNA to help get rid of his irritable bowel syndrome,’ NewsMax reported.

Source: Superhuman in making: Biohacker edits his own DNA to boost his strength

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