The United Kingdom’s new IR35 tax rules take effect on April 6, 2020, and will shift the burden of tax withholding and payment compliance from independent contractors’ personal service companies to the ultimate company needing the services.
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According to a survey from Korn Ferry, nearly
two-thirds of professionals say their stress levels at work are higher
than they were five years ago. The reasons cited include increased workloads,
changing technologies, and interpersonal conflicts. Organizations cannot afford
to ignore workplace burnout and stress. It has an impact on employee engagement
and retention. And stressed out managers are eventually going to stress out
their teams.

This edition of Bookmark This! is focused on
offering some insights and information to help organizations and individuals
manage stress in the workplace. I can’t guarantee that it will completely
eliminate anxiety because there will always be an aggressive deadline looming.
But, hopefully, this list of resources will help manage those moments a bit

is a Symptom of Employee Stress
– Worrying has been identified as a symptom of
employee stress. Supportive management and comprehensive benefits programs
provide a safe place.

a Nice Person Could be the Source of Your Stress – Is generosity
burnout a thing? Most of us want to be thought of as a nice person by our
coworkers. But can that be a source of our stress?

New Cause of Employee Burnout: Always Being “On” – Burnout in the
workplace can have many sources. Long working hours and too much work are great
examples. A new cause may be constant connection to technology.

Next Employee Challenge: Loneliness in the Workplace – Loneliness is the
new employee challenge. Dan Schawbel’s “Back to Human” shows managers must work
to develop a connected and engaged culture.

Can’t Tell Your Employees to Unplug If You Don’t Do It Yourself – Unplug from
technology is the recommendation from managers to stressed employees. Here are
three things to consider if you want to unplug.

to Reduce Individual Stress Levels at Work
– During the BetterWorks Goal
Summit, speaker Srikumar Rao outlined three activities to help reduce personal
and professional stress.

Burnout: 5 Organizational Programs that Can Reduce It – Employee burnout
is a key concern. Turnover can hurt business success. Learn five proven
programs to help reduce employee burnout.

Burnout: 4 Ways Technology Can Help
– The time to think about employee burnout is
before it becomes an issue. Our friends at Kronos shows us how we can use
technology to help minimize employee burnout.

We know job stress is expensive. The American
Institute of Stress estimates that job-related stress costs organizations over
$300 billion annually as a result of accidents, absenteeism, turnover,
productivity losses, workers’ compensation claims, and lawsuits.

Today’s recruiting market is challenging. The answer to our hiring difficulties cannot be to simply pile more work on current employees. Organizations run the risk of increasing employee stress and burnout, which will only perpetuate those things we’re trying to avoid.

Image captured by Sharlyn Lauby in downtown Las Vegas, NV before speaking at the HR Technology Conference and Expo.
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