Bookmark This! Encore Career Edition

Bookmark This! Encore Career Edition

As organizations continue to be challenged
with finding qualified applicants, individuals are also going through their own
challenges. The Boomer generation is facing the challenge of “What do I want to
be when I grow up?” On the surface, it might sound funny. But the reality is
that many workers are asking themselves “Is this the job I want to do for the
rest of my life?” If not, the answer is often known as an encore career. 

Think of an encore career as a second career. But to have a successful second career, you’ve got to plan for it. The good news is, at this stage, we already have some career experience. Here are ten articles that you might find interesting about these careers and how to find the right one for you.

an Encore Career and Why You Might Want One

Second careers may offer many solutions in retirement. But we have to plan carefully and choose wisely. To start, learn what encore careers really are.

Careers Can Offer Independence

Second careers may offer the independence you need for a successful and fulfilling retirement. With proper planning, we can benefit from a second career.

Ways to Find a Thriving Encore Career

Second careers should be rewarding, interesting and fun! But AARP says don’t cling to a dying profession. Here are 4 ways to find thriving second careers.

Out What to Pursue as an Encore Career

Your second career path should be carefully planned because you don’t just want to just take any job. You still want to enjoy your work and be fulfilling.

Career Coach Can Help You Find Your Encore Career

In the gig economy, a second career can be a big part of unretirement. Career Sherpa Hannah Morgan shows the value of a career coach in finding your gig.

to Apply Your Transferrable Skills Toward an Encore Career

A second career will require specific skills to be successful. Here are steps you can take to help apply your transferable skills to a second career.

Your Encore Career Experience

Second careers can offer freedom and success in retirement. Document your second career path in a journal to identify what works well and future plans.

Volunteerism to Find Your Dream Job

Second careers can be an important part of retirement planning. But how do you start? Volunteerism could be a good way to get started in your encore career.

Is it the Secret to Encore Career Success?

A minternship is an internship for people in their middle career stage. This may be applied to those in later stages who want to pursue a second career.

Steps for Finding Your Encore Career

A second career is something to consider as part of your retirement strategy. Start the conversation early to plan for your future unretirement.

Don’t think of today’s article as something only individuals pondering an encore career should pay attention to. Organizations that are struggling to find and keep talent might want to help employees with the transition to their second career. Not only does it help the employee, but it helps fill the candidate pipeline.
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