Celebrate Your Organizational Successes

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by our friends at Kronos,
a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud
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I know the holiday season is behind us, but I couldn’t
resist sharing this Time Well Spent
from our friends at Kronos. It’s a great
reminder that organizations need to celebrate their successes. Even for the activities
that we do annually – like filing taxes, counting inventory, or open

I also want to add that it’s equally important for managers
and HR departments to celebrate too. We regularly talk about how necessary it
is to recognize employees for a job well done. The same applies to HR and
management. We’re often so busy taking care of employees that we forget about

In addition to employee celebrations, create
opportunities for management teams and HR teams to celebrate. I’ve worked
for organizations that hosted a quarterly manager outing and occasionally a
happy hour. I’ve also worked places where we shut down HR for a two-hour lunch.
Employees were totally cool with it. In fact, I believe employees liked seeing
that the company practices recognition at every level. It made everyone feel
good about the work they were doing.

Make celebrations fair and appropriate. What I mean
by this is don’t have one set of standards for how employees should celebrate
and another for management. It will not set the right tone. In addition, keep
the celebration proportional to the accomplishment. For example,
accomplishing a relatively small goal might warrant a pizza party but a fancy
dinner at an expensive restaurant could be too much. But it should still be

Celebrate responsibly. I have absolutely nothing
against celebrating with adult beverages. And in the media, we hear about companies
breaking open a bottle of champagne to celebrate getting a big contract. But
there’s a time and a place for celebrating. Anyone who indulges needs to be
responsible. In addition, the company needs to make sure that, if they are
allowing celebrations at work they do not turn into inappropriate situations.
If you have questions, reach out to your friendly neighborhood labor attorney
about the risks.

The point is to give employees, managers, and the company’s
HR department a way to enjoy their successes. It allows everyone in the
organization to see that the company is accomplishing their goals (even if they
weren’t directly involved in them). It shows everyone in the company that when
you do good work, the
team gets to celebrate.
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