Workplace Wellbeing: How Organizations and Employees Can Work Together

Workplace Wellbeing: How Organizations and Employees Can Work Together

A key component of workplace culture is wellbeing. Employees
want to know that their work environment contributes to their wellbeing (versus
taking away from it). I’m not talking about the occasional stressful day when
we’re faced with a big deadline. Wellbeing is about employees feeling both
physically and mentally healthy about their relationship with work as
well as their co-workers, their boss, and the company in general.

That’s a pretty tall order when it comes to wellbeing
efforts. As I read more about wellbeing, I’m realizing that wellbeing isn’t
simply a company program put together by the human resources department. Yes,
wellbeing is about the organization and its policies. But it’s also about the
employee and their work habits.

For wellbeing efforts to be successful and have an impact,
both organizations and employees need to work together. Here are seven articles
that can help both individuals and organizations focus on making wellbeing a
win for all.

Is a Symptom of Employee Stress [infographic]

Worrying has been identified as a symptom of employee
stress. Supportive management and comprehensive benefits programs provide a psychologically
safe place.

Burnout: 5 Organizational Programs That Can Reduce It

Employee burnout is a key workplace concern today. Turnover
can hurt business success. Learn five proven programs to help reduce employee

to Talk About Psychological Safety in Your Organization

Psychological safety helps employees take risks and grow.
Association for Talent Development (ATD) shares tips for discussing psychological
safety at work.

Next Employee Challenge: Loneliness in the Workplace

Loneliness is the new employee challenge. In the book Back
to Human, author Dan Schawbel shows that managers must work to develop a
connected and engaged culture.

Can’t Tell Your Employees to Unplug If You Don’t Do It Yourself

Unplug from technology – that’s the recommendation from
managers to stressed employees. Here are three things to consider if you want
to unplug.

Employees Need to Understand the Role of Work in Their Lives

Workism is not the same as being a workaholic. Employees
need to have a healthy relationship with work. Business culture can help them

Need to Figure Out Their Workstyle

Workstyle is all about how we want to work. Employee engagement
comes from within each of us. Employees need to figure out their workstyle.

Employees and organizations are under a lot of constant
pressure to perform at a high level. And let’s face it, today’s news can often be
overwhelming and stressful. We need to take care of ourselves. Because the
healthier we are, the better we perform. Both at work and at home.

Organizations want employees to be at their best. It helps them deliver results. We have to view wellbeing as a partnership. It’s time to start working together to make the work environment a positive contributor to wellbeing.

Image captured by Sharlyn Lauby after speaking at the SHRM Annual Conference in Washington, DC
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