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Some of the people reading today’s message are doing it
while working from home. Others might be at their work location, but half of
their co-workers are working from home. Regardless of your situation, chances
are that at some point, someone is going to say, “We need to meet about that.”

Business meetings are hard. They can be even more difficult when they’re virtual. Here are a few resources to help you have the best business meetings possible.

Only 3 Reasons to Hold a Business Meeting

As a general
rule, people do not complain when the reason for scheduling a meeting is legit.
They will always complain if a meeting was called and it could have been handled
with an email. One of the best skills to have as a working professional is the
ability to run a good business meeting. The first step is knowing when to call
the meeting.

Secrets for Good Meetings

Sometimes the phrase “let’s meet about this” sounds so
casual that it might send the message that meetings are easy. Truth be told,
meetings are hard work. The real key to a successful meeting is planning. If
you really take the time to plan and prepare, it has a definite impact on the
outcome of the meeting. 

Signs You’re Not Talking Enough in Meetings (And How to Stop Being That Person)

When you’re
invited to a meeting, it’s because people want you to share your thoughts. Just
because someone is talking a lot is no excuse not to participate. If you don’t
talk at meetings you could be sending the wrong message – such as you don’t
have anything to contribute, you don’t care about the outcome, or you simply
agree with everything in the conversation.

Manager’s Guide to Successful 1:1 Meetings with Employees 

The perfect one-on-one meeting is casual and conversational.
It’s also consistent, and that consistency brings trust and preparedness. To
help managers prepare for their next one-on-one meeting, bookmark this page and
share it around your office. Also, download the employee feedback and coaching
templates to use as a conversation guide. 

to Conduct a Learning Session During a 1:1 Meeting

Learning conversations do not have to involve platform
skills and a bunch of fancy props. Rather, they simply require teaching
managers how to structure and deliver effective 1:1 meetings. This 5-step
method is an ideal activity to include in the company’s management development
or manager onboarding program.

Employee’s Guide to Successful 1:1 Meetings with Your Manager

Many organizations already train and coach managers on how
to conduct a one-on-one meeting. Organizations should make the investment and
do the same for employees. After all, they’re one-half of the 1:1 meeting and
need to take responsibility for their side of the conversation.

Tracking Your Meeting Progress

Documenting what
occurs during the meeting is essential. The way meetings are recorded can have
an impact on the outcome of the meeting. Using the SMART plan for meeting
minutes also helps direct conversations toward key discussions like “We have a
great idea here…now who’s going to take ownership for getting it done?”

Meetings are always going to always be a part of business, whether they’re in person or virtual. It’s important that we respect people’s time and conduct good meetings. Employees will appreciate us for it. And the business will get more done.

Image capture by Sharlyn Lauby after speaking at the SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV
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