Want to Hire a Great HR Professional? Go To an HR Website

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). With over 300,000 HR and business executive members, SHRM creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together. Check out the SHRM HR Jobs booth at SHRM Talent Conference and Exposition on April 20 – 22, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Enjoy the article!)

Regular readers of HR Bartender know that I facilitate the SHRM seminar Talent Acquisition: Creating Your Organization’s Strategy. One of the things we discuss during the seminar is building candidate personas as a way to source open positions. I always find this is a terrific opportunity to ask the group, “When you’re looking for an HR professional, where do you go?” Of course, many of them always say “SHRM.”

It totally makes sense. If you
want to find an HR professional, go to an HR website. And if you’re an HR
professional looking for a new human resources job, go to an HR website.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about the SHRM HR Jobs portal. The site has been recently revamped, and it focuses on two things: 1) Organizations can post their Human Resources job openings. 2) HR professionals can post their resume (for FREE). Let’s talk a little about each. Oh, and before you say, “I’m not a SHRM member so this really doesn’t apply to me.”, you don’t have to be a SHRM member to post jobs or search for opportunities. So, read on…

Features For Employers Looking To Hire HR Talent

Organizations can post their
openings on the site. There is a cost depending on how much exposure you want
the job posting to get and if you would like it distributed via email to HR
professionals looking for a new opportunity. Honestly, that’s no different than
any other job board. All job postings are for 30 days so the cost doesn’t
affect timing.

As individuals express a desire
in your company and/or your openings, you can keep track of them in the “My
Candidates” section. And you can also use the “My Templates” section to create
pre-screening questions and response letters.

Even if you don’t have any
openings right now, at least take a moment to set up a company profile. It’s FREE
and a great way to let people know about your company. Don’t miss out on some
no-cost employment branding.

Features For HR Professionals Looking For New Opportunities

If you’re wondering what types of
HR opportunities are being posted (because I was), I did a few searches and
found a wide range of human resources jobs – everything from coordinator to
vice president. Both specialists and generalists. In smaller cities as well as
larger ones.

The site also allows an individual
to set up job alerts. So, you don’t have to regularly visit the SHRM site to
see if there’s an opening you might be interested in. You can set up a job
alert for that super cool dream job and when it gets posted, you’ll
automatically know about it.

Regardless of whether you’re
looking for a new HR opportunity right now, it might be worth your time to
post a public resume. Think of it similar to a LinkedIn profile, but it
resides on your professional association’s website. Employers would be able to
search for it. (P.S. You can also upload a private resume that you could keep
on hand to send to interesting leads.)

Finally, the site has a job
search resource center. Please don’t take this the wrong way but sometimes as
human resources professionals, we’re great at telling others how to find a new
opportunity but we’re not so great when it comes to doing it ourselves. This
area will give you job search reminders to help your resume stand out.

Check Out the SHRM HR Jobs Portal

The basic tenet of recruitment marketing is to “go where the candidates are”. That’s the reason I found the HR Jobs section of the SHRM website so important. When we’re looking for HR professionals, it only makes sense to go to an HR website. I’ve got nothing against LinkedIn or Indeed, but they’re not human resources specific. It only makes sense to post openings (or your resume) where HR professionals are.

Also remember, if you’re looking
for HR professionals who have certifications, SHRM’s HR Jobs might have more of
them. Here’s my logic: If I’m a certified HR pro or a SHRM volunteer leader or
a SHRM Government Affairs A-Team member, chances are I’m more connected to the
organization and my profession. I’m not saying that there aren’t qualified HR
pros who aren’t members of SHRM or connected to the profession. What I’m saying
is that if you’re an organization looking for an HR pro, then going directly to
an HR organization is a way to gain exposure to more of them.

If you want to learn more about
the SHRM HR Jobs
portal, just go check it out on the
SHRM website – it’s easy to remember shrm.org/hrjobs. You can view all of the
things I mentioned with your SHRM login, no extra sign up required. In fact,
you can search open jobs without a SHRM account or even a resume. There’s a
web demo for Job Seekers available on
the SHRM site and a
web demo for Employers coming up on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 2p Eastern.

Oh, and P.S. SHRM HR Jobs has a Twitter account and a LinkedIn
account so you can follow the action on
social media.
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