A Tribute to Chris Fields @ResumeCrusade

Over the weekend, I heard the news that Chris Fields passed away. Chris was the owner of ResumeCrusade.com and the content manager for PerformanceICreate.com

Chris loved his family and friends. He was a fan of Prince’s music and the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was an advocate for great HR and a friend to me and many others. I know the world is a little less bright without him.

I found myself this weekend spending some time reading a few of the articles that Chris and I worked on together. He was a fabulous friend to HR Bartender and very willing to share his knowledge and expertise with us. As a tribute to him, I wanted to share with you some of the articles we worked on together and the astute things he said about job search. I think you’ll find his words of wisdom valuable.

How to Address Being “Forced Out” During a Job Interview

“If you’re negotiating a separation package or exit strategy, I would suggest asking for a non-disclosure agreement so the reason for the resignation never comes out. This way the employee can create the narrative that best fits them as they look for new work.”

How to Find the Right Resume Writer

“I always tell people to vet your resume writer carefully. Have a conversation with them and, if they are unwilling to speak to you, that’s not a good sign for sure. Three things that someone might want to ask a resume writer include:

What’s the process?Do you have any testimonials or ‘real people’ that can verify your work?Can I see examples of your work?”What Job Title Should I Use on My Resume?

“Let’s talk about tweaking job titles. You may think I’m going to say ‘no’ to this one but I’m not. It depends. The first rule to tweaking job titles is to never tweak upward, meaning don’t change or tweak your title to a bigger position. So basically, don’t give yourself a promotion. However, if you are listed as an office coordinator or assistant, it’s okay to use administrative assistant, because they are the same thing – same duties.”

Does Providing References Mean You’ve Got the Job?

“If asked for your references, you should absolutely take that as a good sign. You’re probably a finalist. However, you should not assume you have the job. I often tell my resume clients, ‘You don’t have job until you have an official offer.’ That means until they call and negotiate salary and benefits, there is no deal!”

Someone Plagiarized My Resume

“No two resumes should be the same. You can say the same thing 10,000 ways, so, I would rephrase my resume and maybe add a detail or two that is specific but different from the plagiarized resume.”

Rethinking Job Offer Remorse

“Companies choose the wrong person all the time and end up calling other candidates once they have realized the error, so why can’t you? Just tell them honestly, ‘It seems I made a mistake, and I am wondering if there is still an opportunity with your company.’ You want to be sincere as possible. So, if you have a point of contact name and phone number, call them and explain the situation.”

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Chris Fields for his friendship and unselfishness. Cheers my friend. Cheers to you.

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