Bookmark This! The High Potential and High Performer Edition

Bookmark This! The High Potential and High Performer Edition

Organizations are starting to think about bringing employees back from remote work, furloughs, and possibly even layoffs. In doing so, one of the factors that they are going to consider is the employee’s performance. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise. At least it shouldn’t be.

They will look at whether the employee was productive while they were working remotely. Or the employee’s performance prior to the furlough or layoff. And, employees who perform at a higher level are probably going to get asked back first. It only makes sense. Organizations will want – and need – their best performers to successfully get back on track.

Today’s roundup of articles can help your organization identify those high potential and high performing employees. Once you know who those people are, the organization needs to make sure that they can attract, engage, and retain them.

4 Tips for Identifying and Developing High-Performing Employees

Organizations want high-performing employees. They talk about it all the time. Managers will say that they want employees who “perform at a high level.” Senior leaders will say the key to the company’s success is being a “high-performing organization.” But what exactly does that mean?

5 Things High Potential Employees Want… and How You Can Deliver Them

Let’s face the truth. While all employees contribute to the organization, some employees contribute more. It’s a fact of business life. Organizations that want to hire, engage, and retain high potential employees will need to create a work environment that gives employees an experience that’s fair. Because those high-performing employees expect it.

4 Ways to Develop High-Potential Employees into Subject Matter Experts

High-potential employees offer immense value to their organizations. So, it’s no wonder that organizations want more of them. If companies offer the proper development opportunities to these individuals, they can transform into key contributors for the organization – both in the short and long term. This is great for company performance and their succession plan.

Succession Planning for Organizational Subject Matter Experts

As the business world continues to evolve, organizations will need their SMEs to stay current and relevant. To achieve this, organizations must give SMEs the development opportunities they need to grow in their roles and ensure SMEs have a place in the company’s replacement and succession plans.

Don’t get lulled into thinking that the record high unemployment numbers are a signal that we’ve flipped to an employer’s market. For high potential and high performing employees, they will always be in demand. The company’s recruiting goals are still the same – find the best talent. Engage them. Retain them. It’s the key to bottom-line success.

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