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Here is an overview of the typical abbreviation and concepts we use in HRM and management.
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AAP: Affirmative Action Plan
AARP: American Association of Retired Persons
ABM: Activities Based Management
ADA: The Americans With Disabilities Act
AD&D: Accidental Death & Dismemberment
ADEA: Age Discrimination in Employment Act
ADL: Activities of Daily Living
AE: Account Executive
AFL-CIO: American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFSCME: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
AI: Artificial Intelligence
AIKE Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
AIP: Artificial Intelligence Programmer
AJB: Americas Job Bank
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
AP: Accounts Payable
APR: Annual Percentage Rate
AR: Accounts Receivable
ATD: Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD: American Society for Training and Development)
AWOL: Absent Without Leave

B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Consumer
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BACS Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems
BBB: Better Business Bureau
BCP: Business Continuity Plan
BS: Bachelor of Science
BC/R: Benefits Cost/Ratio
BLS: Bureau of Labor Statistics
BOD: Board of Directors
BU: Bargaining Unit

CCL: Center for Creative Leadership
CCP: Certified Compensation Professional
CEBS: Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CFO: Chief Financial Officer
CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer
CIO: Chief Investment Officer, Chief Information Officer
CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
COO: Chief Operating Officer
CSO: Chief Security Officer
COB: Close of Business
CEU: Continuing Education Unit
CAI: Computer Assisted Instruction
CBT: Computer-Based Testing
COBRA: Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

CTO: Compensatory Time Off
CPE: Continuing Professional Education
COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment
CV: Curriculum Vitae

DOB: Date of Birth
DOI: Date of Injury
D&O: Directors and Officers
DB: Defined Benefit
DBPP: Defined Benefit Pension Plan
DCPP: Defined Contribution Pension Plan
DOL: Department of Labor
DOJ: Department of Justice
DOT: Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Department of Transportation
DW: Dislocated Worker
DBA: Doing Business As
DINKS: Dual Income No Kids
DRP: Disaster Recovery Plan

EBT: Earnings Before Taxes
EAP: Employee Assistance Program
EBSA: Employee Benefits Security Administration
EBO: Employee Buyout
EDT: Electronic Data Processing, Employee Development Plan
EE: Employee
EIN: Employer Identification Number
EI: Employee Involvement
EI: Emotional Intelligence
EPLI: Employment Practices Liability Insurance
ERISA: Employee Retirement Income Security Act
ESO: Employee Stock Option
ESOP: Employee Stock Option Plan
EOD: End of Day
EOY: End of Year
EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EPA: Equal Pay Act, Environmental Protection Agency

FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act
FEP: Fair Employment Practice
FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act
FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act
FEIN: Federal Employment Identification Number
FUTA: Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FSA: Flexible Spending Account (Healthcare)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
FT: Full Time
FTE: Full-Time Equivalent

GATB: General Aptitude Test Battery
GED: General Equivalency Diploma
GPHR: Global Professional in Human Resources
GTL: Group Term Life Insurance

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HMO: Health Maintenance Organization
HCE: Highly Compensated Employee
HCM: Human Capital Management
HPT: Human Performance Technology
HR: Human Resources, Human Resource
HRCI: HR Certification Institute
HRD: Human Resources Development, Human Resource Development
HRIS: Human Resources Information System
HRM: Human Resources Management, Human Resource Management
HRMS: Human Resources Management System
HSA: Health Savings Account

IRCA: Immigration Reform and Control Act
IRS: Internal Revenue Service

IRCA: Immigration Reform and Control Act
IRS: Internal Revenue Service

KPI: Key Performance Indicator
KPM: Key Performance Measures
KSA: Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities

LOA: Leave of Absence
LOS: Length of Service
LMS: Learning Management System
LR: Labor Relations
LTC: Long-Term Care
LTD: Long-Term Disability
LWOP: Leave Without Pay
LWP: Leave with Pay

M&A: Merger & Acquisition
MBO: Management by Objectives
MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
MHPA: Mental Health Parity Act
MOM: Ministry of Manpower (Singapore)
MOP: Measure of Performance
MQ: Minimum Qualifications

NE: Non-Exempt
NLRB: National Labor Relations Board
NEO: New Employee Orientation
NCNA: No for children and no for animals
NO-GO/NOGO: Code for a candidate we don’t use

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OOH: Occupational Outlook Handbook
OPM: Office of Personnel Management
OMB: Office of Management and Budget
OJT: On-The-Job-Training
OE: Open Enrollment for Benefits
OCF: Operating Cash Flow
OE: Operating Expense
OI: Operating Income
OD: Organization Development
OT: Overtime

PA: Performance Assessment
PERT: Project Evaluation and Review Technique
PT: Part Time
PIP: Performance Improvement Plan
PM: Performance Management, Project Management
PPO: Preferred Provider Organization
PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil: Doctor of Philosophy
PHR: Professional in Human Resources
P&L: Profit and Loss

QR: Quarterly Review
QWI: Quarterly Workforce Indicators

RIF: Reduction in Force
RPA: Retirement Plan Alternative
RTW: Return to Work

SBA: Small Business Administration
SE: Salaried Exempt
SNE: Salaried Non-exempt
SME: Subject Matter Expert
SHRM: Society for Human Resources Management
SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources
SSA: Social Security Administration
SSN or SS#: Social Security Number
STD: Short Term Disability
SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

TM: Talent Management
T&D: Training and Development
TBD: To Be Determined
TDA: Tax Deferred Annuity
TDB: Temporary Disability Benefits
TESSA: Tax-Exempt Special Savings Account
TEUC: Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation
TL: Time and Labor
TPA: Third Party Administrator
TPD: Temporary Partial Disability
TTD: Temporary Total Disability
TSA: Tax-sheltered Annuity

UAW: United Auto Workers
UCI: Unemployment compensation insurance
UFW: United Farm Workers
UGMA: Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
UIC: Unemployment Insurance Commission
UN: United Nations
USC: United States Code
USCIS: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
U. S. DOJ: United States Department of Justice
U.S. DOL: United States Department of Labor
USERRA: Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

VA: Veterans Administration/Affairs
VETS: Veterans Employment and Training Service
VP: Vice President
VPN: Virtual Private Network
VOC-REHAB: Vocational Rehabilitation
WARN: Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
WC: Worker’s Compensation
WIA: Workforce Investment Act
WIP: Work in Progress
WTO: World Trade Organization
WTW: Welfare to Work
W-2: Income tax form issued by employers
W-4: Federal income tax withholding form
WPS: Work Performance Standards

XRA: Expected Retirement Age
XML: Extensible Markup Language (Code)

YTD: Year to Date

ZBB: Zero Based Budgeting