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People with greater frontal alpha asymmetry are less able to regulate strong, emotional, affective states, such as anger, in their dreams.
Author: neurosciencenews - robotics
Date/time: 16th April 2019, 15:02

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According to the EU and Danish Data

Neurofeedback training helps reinforce brain patterns associated with motor function while participants complete imaginary motor tasks. The findings may help in the rehabilitation for stroke and other disorders that compromise

Study uncovers how the brain coordinates between different regions while executing cognitive tasks. The findings may help advance artificial intelligence algorithms.
Author: neurosciencenews - robotics
Date/time: 6th April 2019, 03:03

Ageism is among the most common types of employment discrimination. How to develop strategies to develop age diversity in your workforce.
Author: SHRM Global
Date/time: 2nd April 2019, 15:16

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