Building a company culture of engaged employees:


  • Culture guides optional behaviour and it picks up where the employee and leadership handbook leaves off;
  • Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented request;
  • It welcomes new thoughts into the light and allows learning of the mistakes made;
  • Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and the culture is our guide;
  • These are our waypoints on our way, even though the dark;
  • Culture tells us what to do when senior management isn’t in the room;
  • It represent the everyday nature and scenery.

The culture

Please note about the core values: Values are those behaviours that will never change no matter how the company changes.

  1. Caring: Show your employees you genuinely care about them in the totality of their lives;
  2. Connect: Don’t isolate yourself;
  3. Clear Mission: What the company does;
  4. Superior Performance: Focus on the everyday task, and how we deliver;
  5. Respect: Show your employees respect;
  6. Know about your colleagues: It’s about getting to know colleagues not just as colleagues, but what they’re like outside the office;
  7. Celebrations: You can’t underestimate the importance of recognising your team or the individual;
  8. Communication: Encourage formal and informal communication consistently and at all levels of the company;
  9. Commitment to Learning: Show your employees you’re committed to their professional growth;
  10. Consistency: Culture is based on traditions;
  11. Leadership: Leaders must motivate, inspire and take the lead;
  12. Second chance: An extra chance is given.

Company Culture

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