Ranked: The Best and Worst State EconomiesView the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here.On a global scale, the U.S. economy is massive at close to $19 trillion in size.However, the United States is also the sum of its parts. America represents the union of 50 states and other jurisdictions such as D.C., and all of these state-level economies have their own unique problems to overcome, drivers of growth, and local resources that factor into their prosperity.How can we compare these state economies on an even playing field?

Source: Ranked: The Best and Worst State Economies (Infographic)

Google showed off on Tuesday a first look at its next mobile software.Users of Android P, which will debut later this year, will get access to gesture-based navigation, battery saving features and an impressive new text selection tool that works on photos and the real world.In addition to Android P, the company previewed at its annual Google I/O developer conference a number of new products, including an overhauled News app, features that help you use your phone less, and new Google Assistant voice option including one with singer John Legend’s voice.

Source: Google I/O 2018: Top 5 features coming to Android, Google Assistant and more

Dynamic Work Design – another way to work with your organization. See the webinar:

“Continuous improvement strategies such as Lean Six Sigma or the Toyota Production System are well understood in the context of the factory floor. What many executives don’t realize, however, is that when properly applied, the concepts and principles underpinning these methods produce even quicker and more powerful results in the office. If you’re interested in improving work, no matter what type of work it may be, watch this webinar presented by MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Don Kieffer.”

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Hackers able to make ATMs spit cash like winning slot machines are now operating inside the United States, marking the arrival of “jackpotting” attacks after widespread heists in Europe and Asia, according to the world’s largest ATM makers and security news website, Krebs on Security. Thieves have used skimming devices on ATM machines to steal debit card information, but “jackpotting” augurs more sophisticated technological challenges that American financial firms will face in coming years. “This is the f

Source: Jackpotting: Secret Service warns ATM scheme has hit U.S., report says – The Washington Post