Uber is rolling out a major redesign of its app today — the most significant update since 2012. The changes, which are only for users and not drivers, are supposed to offer a much cleaner interface, less confusion around which service to request, and shortcut options to frequent destinations.The new app, which The Verge saw during a media briefing and product demo earlier this week, does appear to be much easier to use. (For instance, even small details such as the color of a driver’s car are now included in the familiar map interface.) But the redesign also underscores how bloated the Uber app had gotten in recent years, as the company has swelled in size and has continually tacked more features and services.

Source: Uber just streamlined the hell out of its app – The Verge

Do you know what the top free app in the Singapore App Store is right now? Go on, guess. WhatsApp? Uber? Facebook Messenger? Probably Pokemon Go? All solid guesses – and that last one is already wreaking havoc in the charts.

But according to SimilarWeb, up until a few days ago, before the pocket monster rampage landed, the number one spot was claimed by Bigo Live – a live-streaming video app made by a Singaporean team.

Bigo Live Broadcasting launched in March 2016 and is available on iOS and Android. At first glance, it’s not much different from live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat.


Source: Bigo Live streaming app is dominating Southeast Asia